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A Story Never to be Told

A Story Never to be Told, is the fourth book in the Tales of Avalon Series. What happened to Azgoose, the clever old witch, who created the clouds of goo which delayed the Trajaens at the Battle of Merlport? Although the Avalonians sent out search parties, she was not found……


Lennox’s Story is the fifth book in the Tales of Avalon Series. It tells how Lennox, along with other magical creatures who fear for their lives in Briton, travels to Avalon. Lennox makes his way through Avalon to neighbouring Twydell. On his extraordinary journey he meets new friends and many strange creatures. When at last he reaches his new home in The Forbidden Forest he is reunited with his old friend Merlin ……

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Arthur believes that Edward, his illegitimate son, is safely hidden in a loyal British village. He is wrong. The boy and his mother are betrayed.

Esmerelda, the witch, rescues the child and takes him to Avalon where he grows up in his father’s care. Edward has a happy life in Avalon, but it has always been in his heart to seek vengeance on the people who murdered his mother.

It seems Edward’s ambitions are futile because the ships which travel between the two worlds cease to fly. However, a single opportunity opens for him to go back to Briton. Should Edward defy his father and take this one chance to avenge his mother’s death? It is a dangerous mission and, if he fails to return to Avalon, he will lose the woman he loves as well as his future kingdom.

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