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In this the second book in the Tales of Avalon series, Merlin takes a trip to the neighbouring country of Twydell. As he flies across the countryside on his broomstick, he is puzzled to see a long line of people leaving the capital of Dalton and heading towards the outlying villages. Entire families are leaving the capital. They look ragged and downcast and appear to be taking their possessions with them. As he approaches Dalton, Merlin is shocked to see billowing smoke, and realises that large parts of the city have been destroyed by fire.The wizard learns that the devastation has been caused by a pair of dragons which have lived near the city for many years without any problem. King Frederrick is bewildered as to why the dragons should suddenly seek to attack the Twydellers for no apparent reason.Merlin agrees to help the Twydellers, and he sets off on an unexpected adventure which brings him in contact with dragons and other strange creatures. He also renews his friendship with an old friend and is delighted to meet new ones.

If you like stories about magical beings, you will enjoy reading The Land of Twydell and the Dragon Egg.